The Pulse of Life

Sports Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention

The Pulse of Life Sports Healing and Prevention Program uses ancient Asian techniques of breathing and movement point manipulations to cultivate Qi (energy) and build blood to promote health and well-being during sports activities. In Asia, cultivating internal Qi (energy), Wei Qi (protective Qi immunity), and Jing (life force essence) allows the ancient master powers to heal the body internally, promote longevity, and reduce the possibility of injury as athletes train in martial arts, acrobatics, or athletic competition.

History proves that the ancient Asian culture preserved longevity well. They understood that daily exercises, natural herbs, meditation, and the palpation of special points on the body will increase the body's ability to heal, maintain strength, and grow healthier. Asian cultures know that the following can be used in combination to increase one's life span and strengthen the internal and external body:

• Qigong
• Tui Na
• Internal Therapy
• Tai Chi
• Activating the Organ Sounds
• Jing Luo (Meridian Therapy)

• Acupuncture
• Deep Breathing


Combining Ancient Chinese Therapies

Over the past 20 years, the Energy Institute of the Healing Arts Foundation and Healen Arts Wellness Studio of Bowie, Maryland, have cultivated and harnessed the above therapies. We have created a therapy that encompasses the energy of health and healing. We call it The Pulse of Life Sports Healing and Prevention Program. It introduces athletes, personal trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other healthcare workers to these unique techniques for clients and themselves.

The Pulse of Life is designed for people who participate in an array of sports activities and have a desire to reduce sports injuries, increase performance, and maintain health and longevity. This self-help therapy also enhances your physical training profiles as it reduces the occurrence of sports injuries while increasing stamina and endurance.

Create Free Flow of Qi

This program instructs participants on how to create a free flow of Qi (energy), which improves overall well-being as it unblocks stagnated and blocked energy within the body. The free flow of Qi allows the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to relax, strengthen, and increase performance.

Using the Pulse of Life Program with exercise results in increased physical strength, improved balance, and enhanced endurance. The body becomes more sensitive to exercise. Through understanding the postures and breathing techniques, participants increase their energy, movement, endurance, and stamina during a workout or athletic event.

The Pulse of Life Program uses Tui Na (traditional Chinese bodywork) and Qigong (breathing and postures) to generate and cultivate Qi flow. Through Tui Na manipulation, clients can strengthen their performance ability and address health issues. Through cultivating the breath, standing and seated postures, and soft, slow-to-moderate movement, Qi (energy) is invigorated. This increases the flow of blood and body fluids to the internal organs and extremities, taking each athlete's exercise program to a higher level.