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Lorraine Thomas
March 25, 2014.

I want to thank Dr. Akmal Muwwakkil of The Healen Arts Acupuncture Wellness Studio for his helping me practice good digestive health.
Since 2007 I have been dealing with digestive issues caused on by a very slow moving GI track. I have tried many things recommended by my gastroenterologist, but nothing worked. While living in Maryland in 2012, I was introduced the Dr. Muwwakkil by my coworker in 2012 as I was looking for a holistic approach to healing. Since then I have been dedicated to the Healen Acupuncture Arts Wellness Studio even though I relocated to Florida and try never to miss the seasonal cleanses. I cannot begin to express how healthy I feel digestively. My intestinal track feels as if I took a long shower on the inside. Thank you very much Dr. Muwwakkil.

Your patient,
Lorraine Thomas

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